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CodingSpectator now supports Eclipse Indigo SR1

25 Dec 2011 - planet-eclipse

We're happy to announce that CodingSpectator now supports Eclipse 3.7.1 (Indigo SR1). You can install CodingSpectator on Eclipse Indigo SR1 from the update site at See the installation instructions or the user guide for more information.

CodingSpectator modifies parts of the Eclipse IDE to collect data about programmers' Java development activities. To collect such data, we have modified the source code of Eclipse. As a result, we have to customize CodingSpectator for new versions of Eclipse. For example, Eclipse Indigo SR1 offered several improvements including the support for Java 7. Therefore, we released a version of CodingSpectator for Eclipse Indigo SR1. However, we continue to support major releases of older versions of Eclipse, i.e., Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo).